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News-lightning: Intui has updated White Label (WL) - a form for booking transfers.

Over 2500 partners have already installed WL on their websites and integrated Intui® transfers into their sales, join now!

To update the White Label for partners who are already working with it, you need to re-copy the WL code in the partner account and reinstall it on your website.

White Label with transfers: an easy way to increase profits under your brand.

Briefly about what is Intui White Label is a customizable form for searching and booking transfers, designed specifically for our partners: travel agencies, webmasters, travel services consolidators, etc.

White Label from Intui is a full version of the Intui interface with the ability to order a transfer in 175 countries under your brand.

WL can be customized by color, language, size, slogan, country/city/resort, add your corporate logo, many blocks with useful information for tourists. Blocks can be turned on and off, thereby making your own unique form and booking page.

Upon the execution of the transfer, a reward of 5% will be credited to your Partner Balance. The reward can be withdrawn to the company details specified in the partner's personal account, or used to pay for transfers from the Balance.  Once you install the WL or a Widget  they'll bring you commission :)

Earn with White Label Intui

White Label from Intui, what's new?

We have added 9 new blocks to WL with useful information for your users. The updated WL looks like a complete form and website page with a lot of information necessary for tourists - an increase in search conversion to sales is guaranteed :)

Select and enable new blocks, update the  White Label code on your site and get a finished and high-quality product in a few clicks.

High conversion into a purchase with the new White Label Intui blocks.

Block with numbers

In this block, your user will find out the total product coverage numbers, and the competitive advantage of “cancellation from 1 hour before the trip”.

Trustpilot block and reviews

Trust and reliability with a high company rating on Trustpilot and real reviews about the service from tourists and partners.

Block with Assortment

A wide range of car brands and models, attractive prices for Intui transfers and only professional carriers are the key to a positive experience from the service and tourist loyalty!

Block Reliable Transfer

The company's experience in the market, waiting for a flight delay and clear instructions for the trip = reliability and trust!

Block Advanced Service

Cool features to upgrade the transfer - extra luggage or pets, child seats and boosters, and extra hours to pick up the keys / shops / stop at attractions.

Block How it works

Infographics on how to book a transfer, what will happen after payment and upon arrival to board the car.

FAQ block

A list of the most popular questions from our users in order to immediately understand what needs to be done to find and book a transfer service and what to expect from the service.

Block Why choose a transfer

5 reasons why a transfer is better than a taxi.

Block Booking is easy

General information about booking a transfer online with important points for a tourist.

!Promotion for Intui partners!

For those who install White Label or Widgets Intui:

Share 5% discount on transfers with your users!

PROMO code "NEW5"

With it, your users can pay for transfers with a 5% discount in the period from 01/07/2022 to 31/07/2022. The dates of the transfers themselves can be any.

To apply the "NEW5" promo discount - the order value is from 20 EUR.

The promo code must be entered on the checkout page, after choosing the payment method in the "promo code" field. The amount payable will be reduced by 5%.


Specify Airport, port, station, hotel
Specify resort, city, hotel
ADULTS (12+)