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Intui.travel's adaptive White Label of booking private transfers is ready for set-up on your site.

Only from 10 minutes to 1 hour - that is all you will need to install and configure white label on your site. Now it can be added to the site of any width:


Completely new interface of search and booking Transfer created for all devices.

And now it’s much easier, faster and more convenient to work with it. Everything is adapted - search form and payment form - all that is openable, rewindable, clickable. Desktop, tablets, smartphones - adaptive white label is usable for any devices. 

If your site is adaptive, it will also adapt to your site automatically. If our white label is already installed on your site - that means it has been already updated to adaptive version. 
Your clients make a booking of Intui.travel transfer under your Logo: White Label solution - header and footer are fully yours (of your site) from search to payment option.
Do you have a website where our white label is not installed? - install white label  and earn on the sale of transfers 6% of remuneration! Check the conditions
Тourist transfers and transfers for business trips on white label of Intui.travel:
          - 134 countries, 19 000 cities, 4 500 аirports / ports / railway stations.
          - More than 6 000 000 of relevant transfer routes to specific hotels / resorts
          + 4 000 of Carrier companies 
          - 165 вtypes of vehicles with the photos of driver + interior and additional services from Carrier companies.
          - Capacity selection: from convertibles to buses
          - Price choice: from economy shuttle-bus to LUX vehicles
Your client will find the transfer he needs for sure.
Examples of white label integration. How to install, setup and complement your product using white label.
Many complement their websites and blog-platforms by our white label, because it’s easy, effective and only takes like 10 minutes to set it up.
And if there any products like Hotels, Insurance, Flight tickets or Tours on your website - you can surely add an additional & valuable offer - to book a transfer and place “Transfer” tab-button.
Of course, all transitions in white label and bookings in white label also count to your ID.
How to setup and get Iframe code for adding to your site can be found here: https://partner.intui.travel/en/promo/#iframe
Check how that was done by our partners from Away.bg:
White label can also be placed with search engine, transfer content and with a catalog for specific country, for example Tasmania: http://iframe.intui.travel/en/
White label can be set-up  - to learn how, just follow this link: https://partner.intui.travel/en/promo/
Check how it was already been done by our partners:
          Away.bg: White Label + post triggers: example
          Oktogo: White label + post triggers: example
          Ozon.travel: post triggers Avia to co-brand, Hotels 
          Skyscanner: Cross offers, Metasearch for transfers, Relevant landing in Metasearch: example 
Special offer and conditions
Install white label until 17th of December 2016 and send us "url" to the page, where our white label is installed.
Get 6% of remuneration instead of 5%.
Receive our white label code right now:


Have any questions of how to install and setup white label? - Just contact us and we will help.


Always ready for cooperation, Аnton Akhtyamov
Partner.Intui.travel manager


Useful materials and texts relating to white label / deep links and innovation of search and booking pages:

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