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1. Definitions.

Type of Affiliate agreement - Contract-offer, which shall perform INTUI.TRAVEL remuneration Partner, to host the website link or widget, or use the links with partner ID to go to the site, or via API, according to the rules of this Regulation.

The site - the resource on the Internet which is belonging to EasyupturLLP (UK), having the address on the Internet on which a number of the services offered Clients for registration of the corresponding requests for them is presented and also specified conditions of acquisition and the cost of the corresponding services to Clients.

The Affiliate program - a program of cooperation on mutually beneficial terms «» with partner’s site. Internet resources or carry out the sale of tourism products in the off-line and on-line. This program allows partners to place on their websites and banner links leading to the pages of the Site, or use the link using ID-partner, and receive, for making this such a manner and completed orders, monetary compensation.

Internet-resource - various means of granting and distribution of information to the Internet allowing to put down references to the Site (the Internet sites, mailing electronic groups, software, electronic documents).

Partner - a user of the Affiliate program of Intui.

The client - the natural person making purchases on the Site.

The reference of the partner - the reference to any page of the Site containing the Partner's ID (the partner's identifier).

Creative - a static or animated square or rectangular image, text, or a combination of both, HTML code, executable script, interactive modules (Adobe Flash, Microsoft SilverLight, Oracle Java, etc.), intended to lure an end user to click or otherwise interact with it in order to follow an internet hyperlink belonging to or controlled by The Partner has its own preferred formats of Creatives, but upon agreement with the Customer can extend this list.

The partner order - the order paid by the Client which is recorded at once or within 35 days from the moment of the last date of transition of the Client from the Partner's Internet resource on the Site or within the time specified in this contract accounting Partner’s order.

All orders placed in this period of time will be taken into account. If, at the time of the cookie, the Customer makes another transition through the affiliate link, the existing cookie is replaced by the system of accounting for partner orders with the new cookie corresponding to the new transition. Partner order is also considered an order issued by the partner himself for registered email users in the Partner account who have the right to process orders for the Partner. To determine the partner order, priority is given to the email partner, and only then cookies.

The Completed order - the Order paid and used by the Partner or the partner's Client in full date of departure on which already came.

Private account of the Partner - a personal account of the partner on the Site, available after input of ID and the password, automatically created information system of the Site at registration and containing signs, settings and data on the Partner, and also statistics about Partner's orders.

The partner ID - unique identification number which is assigned to the Partner. It is necessary at an entrance to the Private account, It is used in Partner exiles.

Lead – is a desired end user’s action, typically a sale, click or filling in a form, which is tracked by a  partner ID or using an alternative agreed upon mechanism.

Offer – The product or service promoted via the Partner’s sites or Agents’ affiliate network to individual affiliates or to users, who may or may not accept and start promoting it or use to own purpose as a customer.

Performance Statistics- a detailed report provided by the to the Partner, outlining the number of leads and Orders generated in a given time period and the cost to the Customer, where applicable.

The Partner's commission - remuneration for Partner Orders, is calculated as a percentage of the total of all orders, according to the terms of this Agreement. The amount of remuneration, the procedure for the payment of remuneration are specified in the relevant sections of this Agreement.
Balance - the balance of the Partner's funds in the Partner's Personal Account. 
Gross price - this is a total, retail price of the order
Net price - is formed after deducting from the Gross price the commission amount (Net price = Gross price minus commission). 
Other terms not defined above should be interpreted according to the industry practice and prevailing meaning thereof.

2. Subject of Agreement.

2.1 According to this Agreement, Partner on behalf of oneself and on account of agrees to look for customers through means of internet to provide transfer service through means of agrees to pay in favor to Partner commission of this Agreement and by the rules paragraph 4.

2.2 The cost of transfer service is determined by the Principal and available on web-site or via API

2.3 In accordance with this Agreement Partner agrees to integrate online booking system via API, iframe or link to its website. acquiring to be used.

2.4 By «providing Transfer services» companies do understand the following:

2.4.1 Booking vehicles for the Partner (or Partners customers).

2.5 agrees to maintain correct functioning of online booking system.

2.6 Terms and conditions of transfer booking, editing, cancellation, payment, refund of payments for orders and payments for partner Balance replenishment are made in accordance with  TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF TRANSFER BOOKING, which are an integral part of the Partnership Agreement. Full conditions on refund of payments for orders and payments for partner Balance replenishment - Cancellation and Refund Policy.

3. Rights and Responsibilities of the Parties.

3.1. Partner’s rights.

3.1.1 Promote the services provided by

3.1.2 For performance by the Partner of pct 3.1.1 of grants to the Partner a right to use and placement (to bring to the general attention) on the Internet resource of the Partner of graphic and text materials from pages of the Site, based on the non-exclusive license, it is exclusive within the Partner program (obligatory to specify a loan source). This right extends on materials, the following sort:

- descriptions of services and services;

- graphics and photos;

- ideas of trips;

- banners with symbols, further "Materials".

3.1.3. The Partner has the right to host on his Internet resource an unlimited number of links to the Site. The Partner has the right to transfer an unlimited number of links with his ID-employees, users, etc.

3.1.4. The Partner has the right to give access to the Personal Account to other users and assign access rights for each user, according to the interface of the Personal Cabinet. In this case, the Partner is responsible for all actions of these users in his / her Personal Account, including the use of the Partner's balance.

3.2. Obligations of the Partner.

3.2.1 Booking happens through the site The Partner undertakes to carry out booking or to provide to the Clients, opportunity to carry out booking is exclusive with use provided by or a widget, or the reference containing the partner's ID for transition to the Site or through API

3.2.2 In the case of changes in the conditions of the order, the Partner or Client of Partner are undertakes to notify in advance, according to the rules Transfer services in writing to the contact e-mail or may itself produce changes in the order on the site in his personal account.

3.2.3 At cancellation of the Agreement Partner it is obliged to clean from the Internet resources all Materials taken from the site according to point 3.1.2 and to remove a mention of the Partner program within 3 (three) days after date of cancellation of the Agreement or approach of date of the Response of rights to use the Materials made by the principal according to p.s 3.3.8

3.2.4. Offer limitations. Partner agrees to comply
No adult / questionable affiliate sites
No incentivised traffic
No targeted newsletters other than with travel subject.

3.3. The rights of

3.3.1 Refuse to provide services where it is technically impossible or due to other reasons like incorrect or not valid information,  alcohol and drugs abusing by customers and other  situations threatening life and health of the driver or passengers.

3.3.2 reserves the right to refuse to change details of Transfer after the order has booked, but will put all efforts to change the details is need.

3.3.3 Amend the transfer service unilaterally without prejudice to the interests of the Client and the Partner.

3.3.4 has the right to change prices and terms of service Transfer only for unpaid services. Cost and conditions for the provision of paid services are not subject to change.

3.3.5 In case the Partner or the Client of the Partner placed the order for change of conditions of the Transfer, and the order is placed in due form and the terms specified in rules and conditions of rendering services of the Transfer, or the information in the reservation is not true (incorrect address, date, time, number of passengers), the Principal has the right to change the cost of the service.

3.3.6 has the right to change prices and terms of service Transfer without prior notice. New fares and rules replace the existing tariffs and still rules and publicly available and published on the website

3.3.7 reserves all rights for Materials granted to the Partner within performance of this Agreement.

3.3.8 reserves the right to withdraw the Right specified in point 3.1.2 use and placement of materials, having made it in the established form, according to p. 9 and having directed the notice on a response not less than in 14 days prior to the termination of the right to use Materials.

3.4. Obligations of

3.4.1 Ensure the provision of services to the Partner in accordance with the voucher in the attachment to the email.

3.4.2 Inform the Partner about changes of business or IT procedures.

3.4.3 If booking is made before the time of costs change of the services, must provide a transfer service as per the rate agreed before.

3.4.4 agrees to provide Partner with personal account in booking system. Supply with password and login to access the personal account.  After registration of Partner at online booking system, provide the access for Partner to widgets, or a link containing a partner ID to access the Website and/or API documentation.

3.4.5 To give out connection conditions via API on the request which received from the Partner.

3.4.6 undertakes to keep account of the Orders made by the Partner or the partner's Clients as it should be established by the present Agreement.

4. Payment terms.

4.1 Amount of remuneration is percentage from amount Completed orders. Amount of remuneration: price per Order (Lead), EURO.

4.2. In case of the Customer's refusal from the already paid but not used Service (refusal of the reservation of the transfer or any cancellation of the order), the Partner's Commission is not charged for such an order.

4.3. Commission in the current month depends are calculated on the basis of statistics the total cost of the partner orders of transfers from the previous month and is:

 Partner commission is paid for completed orders Partner or the partner's Client contract under the conditions specified in p.2.1 the amount of remuneration for the reporting period is available in the Personal Partner account.

4.4 Partner commission is calculated and paid in the past month within 30 days, if the total amount of remuneration is not less than 150 Euros.

if the total remuneration is less than 150 Euros, payment will be made within the following periods after the threshold is exceeded 150 Euros.

4.5 Payments between the Companies under this Agreement are made in Euros.

4.6. Using Partner Balance
4.6.1. Partner balance is formed of:

4.6.2. Ways to replenish the Balance are indicated in the Partner's Personal Account.

4.6.3. The Partner has the right to use the Balance to pay for partner orders.
Payment from the balance is available only for registered and authorized in the system Intui Partner, as well as his trusted persons who have the appropriate access rights, according to paragraph 2.9. actual agreement
4.6.4. Payment from the Partner's balance is available only for orders at the Flexi rate and with full prepayment of the order.
You can not pay with the Order bookings for the Standard fare and / or order with a partial advance payment on the site.
4.6.5. When paying with the Balance for the transfer booking, the Partner pays the net value of the order. Thus, the partner reward for such an order is charged when the order is paid and is not added to the balance sheet.
4.6.6. Partner commission is set depending on the amount of one-time replenishment.
Balance replenishment in EUR
Amount, EUR | %
Up to 500     | 5%
501 -1500    | 6%
1501 -3000  | 7%
3001 -5000  | 8%
More - 5000 | 9%
Balance replenishment in RUB
Amount RUB | %
up to 30 000           | 5%
30,001 - 60,000      | 6%
60 001 - 120 000    | 7%
120,001 - 240,000  | 8%
More than 240 000 | 9%
The percentage of the Partner's commission does not decrease in the smaller side if the next replenishment amount is less than the previous one. The percentage may increase if the partner has replenished it by more than the previous amount.
4.7. Withdrawal from the balance.
4.7.1. Withdrawals from the balance can only be in favor of a natural or legal person registered in the personal partner account.
4.7.2. Withdrawal of funds from the balance is possible only if there are unused amount on it. For this Partner needs to contact the support team of Intui via email

4.7.3. To receive payments in EUR currency (EUR accounts), the following conditions apply:

     1) Timing and frequency. Intui by default transfers funds to the Partner from the Balance when the balance reaches 150EUR at the beginning of the month following the results of the previous month (s).
Output less than 150EUR Intui produces at the request of the Partner.

     2) Expenses for payment of commission to payment systems for money transferring.
The size of the commission of payment systems for withdrawal of funds depends on the size of the withdrawal amount and method of withdrawal (payment system).
Bank transfer to current account.
Commission amount - withdrawal to the account

  • 1.0 EUR zone  in the SEPA
  • from 1.0 EUR non SEPA *  

The possibility of withdrawing funds to a country that is not a member of SEPA Intui is provided at the request of the Partner.
Payment of the commission shall be borne by the party in case withdrawal amount:

  • 150 EUR and more - is divided between Intui and the recipient
  • less than 150EUR - paid by the recipient           

Commission amount.
   1)  2.5EUR - to Payoneer account or to a bank account in local zone tied to Payoneer accounts (according to Payoneer list).

Payment of the commission shall be borne by the party in case withdrawal amount:

  • 150 EUR and more - is divided between Intui and the recipient
  • less than 150EUR - paid by the recipient

  2)   12.5EUR - to a bank account in international zone tied to Payoneer accounts (according to Payoneer list)
Payment of the commission shall be borne by the party in case withdrawal amount:

  • 350 EUR and more - is divided between Intui and the recipient
  • less than 350EUR - paid by the recipient

The commission of the payment system is paid by the Recipient of payment according to the tariffs, according to the agreement between the polisher and Paypal.

4.7.4. reserves the right to change the above tariffs at any time and without special notice for transactions that have not yet been executed.

5. Liability parties.

5.1 Companies are responsible for any failure of performance of their obligations under the Agreement in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

5.2 The responsibility of the Partner.

5.2.1 Ensure the proper placement of the Partner ID in the urls, on its web site and individual pages (where applicable).

5.3 The Partner has the right:

5.3.1 To provide amendments to the Placement Request on the following terms: The new Creatives will have to go through the same approval process as the old ones; Any other changes should be discussed by the Customer and in good faith.

5.3.2 To receive timely Performance Statistics.

5.4 The responsibility of

5.4.1 is obliged to refund to Partner has paid amount of the booked service in case  due to the fault of for the not executed Order.

5.4.2 is obliged to replace the vehicle with an equal class vehicle with if car is broken down.

5.4.3 In case of funds transfer delay specified in paragraph 3. of this Agreement, the Partner is entitled to collect from interest at a rate of 0.1% of the amount due for each day of delay, but not more than 10% of the amount actual debt of

5.4.4 Easyuptur LLP acts as a booking agent on behalf of applicable Supplier(s) and as such Easyuptur LLP responsibility is merely to publish detail of Arrangements, pass on reservation information to Suppliers and inform Customers of any enforced changes to the terms of any booking.  Easyuptur LLP will not be liable to the Partner or any Customer for any illness, injury, death or loss of any kind arising out of the advertising, provision or use of the Arrangements. Easyuptur LLP liability is limited to claims which arise solely as a result of negligence on its part and then only in a sum equal to €350. Neither party shall be entitled to claim any loss or profit or similar or equivalent loss from the other party under this Agreement.

6. Force Majeure.

6.1 Companies are not responsible for the partial or complete failure in fulfilling obligations under this Agreement if after the conclusion of the Agreement force majeure occurred, such as flood, fire, earthquake and other natural phenomena, as well as war, blockade, prohibitive actions of the authorities (prohibition of imports or exports, foreign exchange restrictions, etc.), acts of government, strikes, revolutions, etc.

6.2 In the circumstances specified in paragraph 6.1 of this Agreement, each Company must promptly notify about them in writing the other Company. The notice must include information about the nature of the circumstances, as well as official documents proving the existence of such circumstances and, if possible, give an assessment of their impact on the feasibility of the Company of its obligations under this Agreement.

6.3. If a Company fails to send or not send timely the notice referred in paragraph 6.2 of this Agreement, it shall compensate the losses incurred by the other Company.

6.4 If circumstances specified in paragraph 6.1 of this Agreement happen, the term of execution of the obligations of the Company under this Agreement must be extended in proportion to the time during which these circumstances and their consequences act.

6.5 The Companies shall take all possible efforts to fulfill their obligations to the Client.

6.6 If the circumstances listed in paragraph 6.1 of this Agreement and their effects continue for more than two months, the Companies shall hold further negotiations to find acceptable alternative ways of fulfilling this Agreement.

7. Privacy policy.

7.1 The terms of this Agreement are confidential and shall not be disclosed to third parties, except cases permitted by applicable legislation of the.

7.2 The Companies shall take all necessary measures to ensure that their employees, successors, without the prior consent of the other Company do not inform third parties about the details of this Agreement, except the information transmitted to Clients and Partner connected with the provision of transfer services.

8. Resolution of Disputes.

8.1 All disputes that may arise between the Companies as a result of the fulfilling of this Agreement will be solved by negotiations and sending of claims by the Companies.

All claims occurring during the execution of this Agreement shall be sent in writing. Time for consideration of claims is 10 (ten) working days from the date of receipt.

Term review of the claim for the quality provided or not provided a Transfer service is 30 calendar days.

9. Notices.

9.1 The Companies inform each other by means of e-mail.

For delivery of notices concerning Orders and booking of Orders the Partner directs demands and notices on the addresses specified on the Site or in the form of the demand published on the Website. Also can direct in addition the same notice from the e-mail

For other notices of the e-mail address of

9.2 Each of the Companies is obliged daily, twice a day - in the period of validity to check existence of the new electronic post messages directed by other party.

9.3 The Companies have the right to direct the notices executed in writing and are sent by the registered mail with the assurance of receipt by means of mail or with the courier to the addresses specified in the present agreement if other is not established by the present Agreement.

10. Amendment and Termination of the Agreement.

10.1 This agreement may be amended or terminated by written agreement of the Companies, as well as in other cases stipulated by the legislation of England and Wales.

Part pp 3.2.3, 3.4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.2.1 of the Agreement is valid until fulfillment of obligations by the Companies.

10.2 Companies are entitled to refuse to perform this Agreement, except in parts of the Companies fulfill the obligations specified in p. 3.2.3, 3.4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.2.1. The Agreement is valid until fulfillment of obligations by the Companies.

11. Final Provisions.

11.1 Any amendments or additions to this Agreement are efficient, if they are made in writing, signed by authorized representatives of the Companies and sealed. They are also an integral part of this Agreement.

11.2 All notices and messages should be sent in writing. Messages will seem to be executed properly if they are sent by registered mail, fax, e-mail specified in this Agreement or delivered personally to the post address of the Companies with the corresponding mark of delivery fact.

Companies agreed that facsimile and other documents, as well as copies of documents received by electronic means must have legal force equal to the original, if it is definite from whom they were received. Alike documents do have legal force until original copies are not received by the Companies.

11.3 This Agreement valid unlimited.

11.4 This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales and each party irrevocably agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

11.5 All controversial issues to be considered by the law of England and Wales.


12. Privacy Policy  website is a property of "EasyUptur" LLP. (United Kingdom) , with its registered addresses at Eastcastle House 27/28 Eastcastle Street London W1W 8DH, UK and Headquarter is address in France: 919 chemin le plaisir, Quintal, Haute-Savoie , France ,  reg. company number  OC367717 complies with data protection legislation such as the Data Protection Act 1998. This regulates the processing of personal data relating to you and grants you various rights in respect of your personal data.

The aim of this statement is to tell you how we will use any personal data you provide through the website or Intui app. Please read it carefully before you proceed.

Pivacy policy  is lacated atítica-de-privacidad/ transfer