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Full dynamic package, with transfer from airport to hotel, allows you to generate API solutions of Intui travel on your site. Add transfers from Intui.travel to your package to make it complete, it will be demanded and desirable for your client.

Динамический тревел пакет

57% of online buyers that looking for tour products, they are ready to pay for problem solution of "how to get to the hotel or apartment from the airport" (Skift, 2015).

And in many cases, transfer service will rescue your client. In countries with  unfamiliar language and where are no road rules, or in a big cities with a queue to taxi for like 40-50 minutes, or for the company group of 5-10 people - it is all that simple to get to the waiting for you car immediately upon arrival, without any hassle and worries! Booking of Intui.travel transfers allows to organize a well-planned trip.

Best of all transfers of Intui travel customers saying themselves: "Excellent, comprehensive service, we were met at the airport at 6 AM with a nameplate, everything was great and there were no issues, I will definately use that service again. "It's really convenient! You don't have to worry about anything. I was met and that is perfect! And for departure transfer everything was calculated for me, like what time to leave and etc. Thank you so much!"


Best time for offer a transfer

54% of users buy relevant product at the booking phase of air ticket or hotel (Amadeus. 2015)

Dinamic package. It is relevant. Growing trend among OTA. Actual replacement of classi tours. 

"Needs” availability, and for satisfaction of that, customers are willing to pay. Travel products suggest “Ready to use” integrity. When user makes an order of the package like an airline ticket and a hotel - there is always a missed link. And users will definitely solve that problem with the missed link. And it is better if customers will do that on your site at the process of buying the package.

Using that missed link can be massively profitable.110 USD is the average check and 8% transfers booking conversion – partners of Intui.travel reach such indicators. If you have  a missed link  or  opportunity to add a service in cross/post-sale, than do it. Offer a relevant transfer to your client in time and in appropriate way.


Travel package with transferWith API wide from Intui it is possible to receive a transfer for dynamic package in 1 request: Hotel + Flight + Transfers.

API itself will pick up and respond with relevant transfer by IATA airport code and geo-coordinates of your hotel, apartments, villas.

From affordable shuttle-bus to LUX car models, component transfers (for example, if hotel is on the island, the following offer will be car + boat), 132 countries of the world, 6 million transfer routes from 4000 reliable transportation companies – more details about the coverage and range is here.

API solutions from Intui.travel allows you to receive transfers and generate dynamic package on your website fast and cost-effectively. How? More details are here

Package Transfer to the Hotel

Offer your client a solution of how to get to the hotel, villa, apartments.

With API Wide it is easy to add a transfer at the step of hotel booking – just in a few clicks.  

And your client will be satisfied, that he will not have to puzzle over of how to get to the hotel.


Package Transfer and Airticket

50% of online buyers that are looking for flight tickets said that they need relevant offers to flight tickets. Up to 43 USD, that is how average check increase in online flight tickets company, after connecting to the sales of additional relevant services (Amadeus, 2015)

Targeted offer of transfer service in the package to airplane flight, taking into account the number of passengers, with a choice of car models, with already calculated boarding time for transfer to the airport, taking into account the distance and traffic – all of that will be also automatically offered.  

Take that "load off the shoulders" of your client – so he will not have to think of how to catch a flight. This is what customers write about transfers of Intui.travel: "fast and simple, everything is well organized for you for", "It is easy to determine the price of the route and select the comfort level and approximate duration of the trip.”
API of Intui.travel simply solves the connection problem of transfers into your sales. And you do not need to "puzzle over". Everything is just one click ... more information


Package Train and Transfer

And for those who sell train tickets – API of Intui.travel has solutions as well. With API Wide it is possible to offer a transfer service in the package for tickets. Transfer from or to the Railway station will also relieve the client from organization problem of "how to get there." 

Customers leave comments about transfers of Intui.travel with pleasure: "It’s a peace of mind that you do not need to bargain with a lot of drivers ...", " I was taken to the destination fast and with comfort. I will recommend this service to my friends!"

Database of Intui.travel has more than 500 Railway stations: Paris, Venice, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Tuapse. Targeted and exact offers of transfers make purchases of transfers so clear and simple for your client, and your offers in the package – will have high conversion!

What our partners say about us:

Что говорят партеры об Intui

Also  we offer  simple  solution - a possibility to book a transfer like one product at Intui platform as a Travel agency

Feel free  to Register  and become familiar with API Wide documetation to offer transfers in dynamic package. 



Best regards for business success,

Intui.travel transfer team


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