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Dear partners!

In recent months we have received from you a lot of letters with requests and suggestions for improvement of our affiliate program. We assure you that none of them did not go unnoticed!

We present our innovations in API version Light, available to each of our partner after the registration in the Affiliate Program.

Landing URL with routes of transfers to hotel/villa/resort
or any other place, by GPS-coordinates

Yes, now it's possible to make landing to any GEO-coordinates via API Light! Integration of transfers to hotels yet never been so easy!

Value for the customer:
Our unique algorithm finds all possible and closest to the customer's hotel airports and train stations and offers a choice of transfers, with minimum prices.
Thus, the customer can choose the cheapest and the relevant transfer.
Allow the client to identify the correct Airport of arrival for transfer to the hotel in the travel planning stage.
Also, when choosing a hotel, the client will solve the problem: how to get to the hotel and how much transfer costs.
This simple in the implementation trick will help your customer to determine the hotel and book it through you.

To create landing URL with possible routes of transfers to GPS-coordinates, you should add to the address https://intui.travel/transfer next parameters:

  • api3 - sets this kind of display of the landing page
  • partnerID - your PartnerID
  • gpsLat - latitude of GPS-coordinates of object (format: float; example: 55.75222)
  • gpsLng - longitude of GPS-coordinates of object (format: float; example: 37.61556)
  • HotelName - the name of object (Hotel, Apartments, Vills, etc.)

There are also the name of your GEO object (HotelName) and list of TOP-5 resorts with minimal prices of transfers shown on the landing page.

Example of landings:

If routes found If routes not found

Landing by IATA-code relevant to tickets (dates and pax)

Client has booked air tickets and you know the arrival date and the number of passengers? Or, the client has booked the hotel, and you know the number of guests?

Now it's possible to make via API Light landings with preset dates and passengers!

Offer to your customer the landing, relevant to the dates of arrival & departure and number of passengers. To be more precise landing - higher conversion!

To create the landing URL in accordance with purchased tickets, you should add in addition to the api2 parameter the followings:

  • «arrivaldate» and «arrivaltime» - date (yyyy-mm-dd) and arrival time (hh:mm)
  • «departuredate» and «departuretime» - date (yyyy-mm-dd) and departure time (hh:mm)
  • «numberofadults» - number of adults passengers (from 12 years included) (integer)
  • «numberofchildren» - optionally,  number of childrens (from 3 to 11 years included) (integer)
  • «numberofinfants» - optionally,  number of babies (from 2 years included) (integer)

To get transfer only in one way, you should add only required parameters for this leg to the URL.

Now you can display your slogan on the landing

In order to display your slogan or any message on landing page with api2 (airport transfer) or api3 (transfers to the hotel), you should send a request with this text (in ru and en languages) at partner@intui.su
The length of the text should be no more than 100 characters.

Next, it will automatically be shown to people who goes to the site by the links with your PartnerID.

Examples of landing pages:

Without message With message

Parameter api2 now can be passed via request to get landings by IATA-code

Dear Partners! According to your numerous requests, for your convenience, parameter api2 can now also be passed via request to get landings by IATA-code. In this case, the links from response will already contain this parameter.

Remind: parameter api2 used for landing on the airport's page, to bring the final form of page to the next: there is main search transfer form, where airport is already chosen. Also, there are most popular destination resorts from this airport, if they exist.

Example of view:


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